Player Safety

At Maplewood Lacrosse Club, player safety is our number one priority. This statement is provided
to emphasize the importance of parent responsibility for annual physical evaluations from your
child’s physician to ensure their fitness for play.

MLC strongly recommends completing regularly scheduled athlete screenings, including baseline
concussion testing and EKG cardiac screenings. RWJ Barnabas Health offers local, low-cost screenings
with a doctor’s prescription.

MLC coaches are required to complete CDC Online Heads Up concussion training to help recognize
the signs and symptoms of player concussions. Players showing signs of any injury—head or otherwise—
will be removed from the field for assessment as a precaution. Please do not argue with coaches or officials
if your child has been removed from a game or practice for safety reasons.

Please follow your doctor’s advice with respect to recommended tests and referrals, as well as follow-up care
in the event of injury.

Note that registration requires agreement to the following waiver, copied here for reference.

Eligibility Policy

Players must be residents of Maplewood or South Orange to register for Maplewood Lacrosse Club (MLC) programs. This policy was implemented to ensure that MLC can secure the number of volunteer coaches and administrators required to meet the needs of our high enrollment at all grade levels each year.

MLC participates in the New Jersey Junior Lacrosse League (NJJLL). Players may play for only one program
at a time in the NJJLL.

MLC is affiliated with US Lacrosse, the national governing body for lacrosse. A current US Lacrosse Youth Membership is required for participation in all MLC programs as it provides on-the-field insurance coverage, among other benefits. Annual enrollment may be completed as part of the MLC online registration process.

MLC programs serve grades K-8. Boys in grades K-2 are eligible to register for our 8-week “Little Laxer” spring clinic. Boys in grades 3-8 are eligible for league play.

Under no circumstances can players compete at a level below their current school grade. A player may play up one grade level, provided that the request is made by the player’s parent or guardian, and that permission is secured by the MLC Board and team coaching staff. Skill level, safety considerations and social readiness will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, MLC recommends that all players compete at grade level.

For detailed player eligibility guidelines at the league level, see the NJJLL League Rules & Regulations guide. 

Weather Policy

The primary concern of MLC is the safety of our players, coaches, referees and families.

MLC will always cancel practices and games in the event of lightning, or in response to warnings issued
by the National Weather Service. Cancellations for other adverse weather or field conditions will be at the discretion of MLC team coaches and Maplewood Township.

In the event of thunder or lighting, fields must be closed for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last occurrence before play can resume. Players will be directed to wait in vehicles or in a suitable shelter as available.
Coaches, referees, and/or local officials have the authority to delay or cancel play at any time that conditions
may be deemed unsafe.

If a practice or game in progress must be cancelled due to weather, a coach will remain at the field until
all players have been picked up. If weather advisories are in effect prior to commencing a practice or game,
please be prepared to pick up your player early, or arrange for his transportation home.

Our season begins in March when the weather can be very cold, and ends in June when the weather can be
very hot. Ensure that your player is dressed appropriately. A personal water bottle is mandatory for all practices and games. Sunscreen is advised. Note that light rain will not typically prompt a cancellation.

Please download the free LeagueAthletics Mobile app to ensure timely receipt of cancellation notifications on your mobile devices. Additionally, you may also be notified of cancellations via email or phone call.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and flexibility with respect to any schedule changes that may be required due to inclement weather.

Code of Conduct: Parents

• I will be sure my child makes every effort to attend practices and games as scheduled and on time.

• I will be sure my child is picked up from practices and games at the time of their conclusion.

• I will make sure that the coach is notified in the event that my child cannot attend a practice or a game.  I understand that unexcused absences from practices and games show a lack of commitment and responsibility, and will be dealt with accordingly.

• I will encourage my child’s lacrosse development by encouraging him to work independently at home on skills learned in team practices.


• I will not use foul language, nor ridicule or criticize the referee, coaches or other players, by yelling from the sidelines or by making dramatic arm movements.

• I will not argue with fans from opposing teams.

• I will tell my child that the official is human and sometimes makes mistakes while controlling the game, but that the referee does not "make or break" the outcome of the game.

• I will allow the team coach to coach the game from the appropriate side of the field without interference or suggestions from me. I will not shout instructions to players from the sidelines.

• I will not criticize decisions by the coaches or referees when discussing any game with my child.

• I will direct any comments or suggestions to the coach, and I will wait at least 24 hours after a game before doing so.

• I will applaud a good effort in victory and defeat.

• I will applaud good play by the opposing team.

• I will discipline my child for use of foul or inappropriate language, or for engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct.

• I will learn the Player's Code of Conduct and will take advantage of every opportunity to reinforce this code with my child.